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<   No. 107   2003-05-11   >

Comic #107

1 Monty: {pouring water from the Grail between Prof. Jones' lips} C'mon dad... get better...
2 Prof. Jones: {sitting up, unharmed} Ooh... What happened? I feel much better.
3 Prof. Jones: {touching the Grail reverently} This... Is it...?
3 Monty: Yes, dad.
4 Knight: The Grail cannot be removed from this chamber.
4 Prof. Jones: But... we're the good guys!

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Alternate punchline:

I thought of this one first, but changed my mind halfway through adding the captions.

2012-03-02 Rerun commentary: Yeah, I actually did that a lot when making comics - change the joke while assembling and adding the speech bubbles. Thankfully I didn't make a habit of showing off the alternative version every time, or there would have been thousands of them. Er... and it would have taken probably weeks of extra time to actually make them all, which I couldn't have afforded anyway.

Has Haken's skeleton moved in the third panel? It looks like the golden cup he's holding has fallen over. Yeah, Haken's dead! I wonder how he gets out of this one?!

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