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<   No. 1628   2007-07-12   >

Comic #1628

1 Dr No: With those radiation suits discarded we can... Where are you going?! Come back and fight like a man, Mr Stud! {Stud runs away up some stairs}
2 Stud: It's an unfair fight! How about you put your metal hands behind your back and promise not to use them?
3 Dr No: And exactly how would that be fair?
4 Stud: It'd be fairer on me!

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I have to confess that I intended to have them retain their radiation suits for the next few strips. Unfortunately, when I went to assemble this strip from the photos I'd taken, I discovered to my horror that I'd taken photos for the next three strips in this theme with the figures sans radiation suits.

And I'd already destroyed the biggest Lego set ever.

I considered ignoring the issue, but I decided it was amusing to have Dr No make a throwaway line about the sudden disappearance of the suits. Rebuiding the set and reshooting three strips worth of photos would not have been amusing.

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