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<   No. 1642   2007-07-26   >

Comic #1642

1 Julius: Ave, Marcus! I have an extra ticket to the games tomorrow night. Do you want to come?
2 Marcus: Ugh. You know sport is nothing but a formalised proxy for warfare?
3 Marcus: Forcing prisoners to fight one another to the death for the amusement of the masses!
4 Marcus: It's barbaric!
4 Julius: Well, they are barbarians.

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The term barbarian was originally used by the Ancient Greeks, as a descriptive word to apply to anyone whose first language wasn't Greek. Originally it had no pejorative meaning associated with it, being merely a descriptive word. The Romans adopted the word to refer to anyone who wasn't Roman.

Modern usage has turned the word into a pejorative to refer to people less cultured than oneself.

Since the Ancient Greeks would have meant the Ancient Greek language, not Modern Greek, by the original definition everyone in the world today is a barbarian.

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