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<   No. 1730   2007-10-22   >

Comic #1730

1 Mordekai: So can you track down Alvissa by smell, Draak?
2 Draak: You get Draak wrong. Draak smell elf now.
3 Alvissa: {appearing from the darkness} Hi guys.
3 Kyros: Alvissa!
4 Alvissa: Kyros! You're alive!
4 Kyros: Your uncanny elvish powers of observation leave me speechless.

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In fantasy game elves are basically superior to humans in pretty much every respect, except for artificial game-mechanical constraints deliberately imposed precisely to make them somewhat less desirable to play. Otherwise why would anyone* ever play anything else?

* By this I mean any self-respecting min-max gamer who wants the most buff character with the most skills and advantages, not the mythical "character roleplayer" who revels in the challenge of playing an inferior character.

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