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<   No. 1748   2007-11-09   >

Comic #1748

1 Haken: Erwin! Tie them up!
1 Erwin: Jawohl, Herr Kolonel!
2 Ginny: I'll do it. To demonstrate my loyalty.
3 Monty: Your disloyalty, you mean.
3 Ginny: If you prefer.
4 Monty: No, I damn well don't prefer!
4 Prof. Jones: Junior! Don't yell at a lady!

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It's really hard to get a Lego minifigure to hold a coil of rope like that.

2018-06-26 Rerun commentary: Ha ha! I was looking at the comic trying to think of something to write here as a rerun annotation, and I decided to comment on how hard it is to get a Lego minifigure to hold the coil of rope like Ginny is doing. And then I read the original commentary.

I guess this goes to show just how much making comics with figures holding rope has impressed on my mind how difficult it is to get them to do it.

I am very pleased with how much a piece of packing string looks like rope when used this way, though.

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