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<   No. 1797   2007-12-28   >

Comic #1797

1 Stewardess: Look at our heading! We're off course!
2 Terry: The snakes have disabled the navigation system.
2 Stewardess: How can they do that?! They're animals!
3 Steve: Crikey! We're headed straight towards that mountain! {pointing to huge mountain looming ominously outside the cockpit window}
4 Terry: Hmmm. Well on the bright side, the snakes are no longer our biggest problem...

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I calculate that your average Himalayan mountain is approximately 1013 times as big as a snake. So yeah, that's definitely a bigger problem.

And since I know some people are going to try to calculate this number, and will almost certainly end up with a different result: I assumed a mountain 8,000 metres high, cubed the number to get a very rough volume down to sea level (this makes some assumptions about the slopes of the mountain) then divided by 3 to convert a cube volume into a pyramid. Then I calculated the volume of a rectangular prism-shaped snake 2 metres long and 5 centimetres thick. Doing the division and rounding to the nearest order of magnitude got me my answer. Depending on your assumptions about the shape of the mountain and the size of the snakes, you might get an estimate up to 2 orders of magniude different.

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