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<   No. 180   2003-07-24   >

Comic #180

1 Erwin: {from the glass-lined viewing deck} Die view from up here ist wunderbar.
1 Zeppelin Captain: {admiring the green jungle below} Ja. Nothing beats zeppelins for die taking of die travel photos.
2 Erwin: I tink Herr Kolonel Haken vould like a tour of die ship while he ist on board.
3 Zeppelin Captain: Nein! Under no circumstances ist die Kolonel to be allowed out of der passenger or control rooms!
3 Erwin: Vhy not?
4 Zeppelin Captain: You vant someone mit a hook for a hand climbing all over die hydrogen gas cells?

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2012-05-26 Rerun commentary: Mmm, yeah, good point.

Ha, get it? Point?

Wow, look at that horrible reflection of the white LEGO baseplate in the window in panel 3. What on Earth was I thinking that I didn't set that photo up better, or at least retake it?

Don't ask me. I just work here.

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