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<   No. 1870   2008-03-10   >

Comic #1870

1 Steward: {indicating the man who saw the snakes on the wing, who is now restrained} This guy's gone crazy. Keeps insisting there are giant snakes on the wing, ripping the engines apart.
1 Steve: How do you know he's crazy?
2 Steward: Snakes are cold-blooded. They couldn't survive out there. The air is too cold and thin at this altitude.
3 Steve: Crikey! They could if they were Peruvian Mountain Anacondas!
4 Steward: What?
4 Steve: I'm just saying...

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Cold-blooded is a somewhat imprecise misnomer when applied to animals. What it's really trying to describe is animals with no self-maintained internal thermo-regulatory system. Snakes warm their bodies by doing things like basking in the sun or, in the case of Peruvian Mountain Anacondas, through sheer bloody-mindedness.

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