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<   No. 1898   2008-04-07   >

Comic #1898

1 {scene: Outside the Louvre, Paris}
1 Haken: Erwin! Plan Fritz! Schnell!
1 Erwin: Jawohl! {runs off to implement the plan}
2 Ginny: What's Plan Fritz?
3 Haken: It's die one after Plan Ernst und before Plan Gunther. Now, show me where this Palladium is.
4 Ginny: It'll be heavily guarded.
4 Haken: That is what die plan is for, dumbkopf!

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When I was young, my grandfather had a German Shepherd named Fritz. Enormous dog, especially compared to how big I was at the time. But gentle as a lamb around us kids.

One time (or so I'm told - I was too young to remember), I was pulling toys out of the old wooden toybox which was out on the patio, and a brown snake was hiding in there. Fritz detected the danger and intervened, taking a snakebite in my stead. It's highly possible I would have died if I'd been bitten, given how young I was.

Fritz became sick, but was strong enough to recover, and lived several more years.

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