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<   No. 1976   2008-06-24   >

Comic #1976

1 {scene: An idyllic river bank somewhere in the countryside around London}
1 Stud: Well Miss Sylvia Ditch, you finally have me all to yourself.
2 Sylvia Ditch: I was enjoying a bit of a punt on this river by myself before you drove up unnanounced, you know.
3 Stud: Champagne?
3 Sylvia Ditch: I think your car phone's ringing.
4 Stud: Ho ho ho! A phone in a car! The very idea! Why, I'd have to be some sort of secret agent to have access to speculatively advanced technology like that.
5 Sylvia Ditch: No, really.
5 [sound]: RIIING!!
6 [sound]: RIIING!!
6 [sound]: RIIING!!
7 Stud: Oh, right. Forget that bit about a secret agent.
8 Sylvia Ditch: I'm trying, trust me...

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The return of Sylvia Ditch, who has appeared in exactly one strip before, at the beginning of the Espionage theme's Dr No spoof.

In the actual James Bond movies, Sylvia Trench appeared at the beginning of Dr No, and then again at the beginning of From Russia With Love. The producers originally planned to have her as a recurring character in every Bond movie, appearing briefly at the start of each film only to have Bond dash off to save the world each time and leave her stranded on some half-finished date.

For some reason they decided to ditch Trench after just two movies.

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