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<   No. 1981   2008-06-29   >

Comic #1981

1 Monty: Why are you a Nazi, Erwin? Can't you see they're plotting to take over the world?
1 [sound]: Punch! {Monty punches Erwin}
2 Erwin: My mother always said I should have ambition. I want to be a great leader one day.
2 [sound]: Smakk! {Erwin elbows Monty}
3 Monty: Like der Führer?
3 Erwin: Ja. Only not so much with die grumpiness.
3 [sound]: Jab! {Erwin jabs Monty}
3 [sound]: Fall! {Monty falls off the roof of the truck, bounces off the front, and dangles precariously off the radiator grille}
4 Erwin: Or die disembodied brain.

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I had a real problem writing this strip. I wrote Monty's first line, and then I had to stop and think.

Why is Erwin a Nazi? As several people have pointed out in the past, he's actually a pretty nice guy... except that he's a Nazi.

But I guess if you're a young man in Germany in the 1930s and you want to better yourself, you don't actually have a lot of choice.

Hey, if it works for the Pope, it can work for Erwin.

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