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<   No. 2620   2010-03-30   >

Comic #2620

1 Alvissa: We need to rejoin the others.
1 Kyros: I could try a teleportation meeting spell.
2 Alvissa: You can do that?
2 Kyros: Only if one party is in imminent danger from fire.
3 Alvissa: Well that should apply to anyone near you. How does this teleport work?
4 Kyros: It brings the safe party to the location of the one in danger.
4 Alvissa: Of course...

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Teleportation is way up my list of super/paranormal power desirability. The sheer time savings in being able to teleport wherever you wanted to go would make this improve your productivity and leisure time enormously.

Of course there's the issue of "landing" safely. You really don't want to materialise inside a rock, or in the path of a bus, or whatever. If people could teleport, presumably we'd work out some safety protocols to go along with it.

Nevetheless, given the evidence we have on how we relate to the methods of transport currently in use, you'd expect that several thousand people could die every year in teleportation accidents in most countries (100,000 deaths or more per annum worldwide), and we'd simply treat it as a statistic we have to live with.

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