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<   No. 478   2004-05-18   >

Comic #478

1 {scene: The lost plateau in Venezuela. The Joneses and Sallah have found a stream, on the opposite side of which stand Haken and Erwin.}
1 Monty: Colonel Haken! Erwin!
2 Haken: Herr Doktor Jones! Herr Professor Jones! And...
3 Minnesota Jones: Herr Schliemannian Chair of Archaeology Jones, at your service.
4 Haken: Teufel! I hate having to keep up with die Joneses!

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2013-05-09 Rerun commentary: "Teufel" is a German word meaning "devil". It's used a bit like "damn".

Interestingly, Teufel is also used as a perfectly commonplace surname in German. That's a bit like coming across someone in an English-speaking culture with the name Alice Devil, or possibly Bob Damn.

(And no, he doesn't count.)

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