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<   No. 620   2004-10-07   >

Comic #620

1 {scene: The Axis of Antagonist's secret hideout. The Hippo sits nursing wounds from his last fight with the Good Guys.}
1 The Sea Dog: {to Aqualich} Arrr! How be those Good Guys findin' out the Hippo be plannin' to rob yon bank?
1 Aqualich: Computer surveillance, my fine furry friend. We need a way to defeat their computer systems.
2 The Sea Dog: Arrr! How be we doin' that?
3 Aqualich: {gesturing over his shoulder to a six-foot tall anthropomorphic cockroach, entering the room wearing a cape} Meet The Bug.

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Dean Stahl once again provides Supers artwork. He says he put a poster of the "annoying American comedian" Carrot Top on the wall of the villains' lair to make them appear more evil. And, with the appearance of The Bug, this completes the four members of the Axis of Antagonists.

2013-10-22 Rerun commentary: I wanted a fourth member of the Axis of Antagonists, because all cool super-teams have (at least) four members, and it mirrors the four members of the League of Good Guys. And what could be more Antagonistic than a giant mutant cockroach?

I notice Dean has made use of Kirby dots again to form the glow around the tip of Aqualich's staff. Cool.

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