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Poll Results

Poll 72: Would you buy IWC stuff?

Total votes: 1293

Probably, if it was decent/useful/funny.: 300 (23.2%)
Probably not, it'd have to be really good.: 225 (17.4%)
Maybe, if it was good quality and cheap.: 207 (16.0%)
No, I'm a monk with no worldly possessions.: 180 (13.9%)  
No, I don't buy merchandise junk.: 131 (10.1%)
Yes! Yes! Yes! I want it now!: 107 (8.3%)
Yes, but don't use CafePress. They suck.: 89 (6.9%)
No, I have enough funny mugs and T-shirts.: 37 (2.9%)
Yes, use CafePress! They rock!: 17 (1.3%)

Wow, people really don't like CafePress. There are more than ten times as many of you who are monks than who like CafePress.

Oh, and this was really just an exercise in curiosity. I'm not intending to start selling stuff any time soon, although I do reserve it as an option for the future. If I do, I almost certainly wouldn't use CafePress.

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