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Poll Results

Poll 458: Your eyes are destroyed! You can get a bionic vision implant, but forevermore you will see with a Photoshop filter applied to your vision! Your options are shown in this image. ("Original" is shown for comparison only, and is not an option.) Which filter do you choose?

Total votes: 4809

Increased Saturation: 1732 (36.0%)  
Shadow/Highlight: 914 (19.0%)
Invert: 912 (19.0%)
Paint Daubs: 394 (8.2%)
Unsharp Mask: 287 (6.0%)
Glowing Edges: 238 (4.9%)
Posterise: 120 (2.5%)
I'd rather be blind: 99 (2.1%)
Blur: 90 (1.9%)
Pixelate: 23 (0.5%)

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