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Poll Results

Poll 467: What should we really have by now?

Total votes: 4608

Computer voice recognition that actually works: 1210 (26.3%)  
A moonbase: 1193 (25.9%)
Neural interfaces: 548 (11.9%)
Holographic displays: 534 (11.6%)
Flying cars: 244 (5.3%)
Ubiquitous video phones: 233 (5.1%)
Jetpacks: 214 (4.6%)
High-speed moving sidewalks: 138 (3.0%)
Food pills: 119 (2.6%)
Robot butlers: 112 (2.4%)
Suspended animation capsules: 63 (1.4%)

I'm very pleased to see that result for the top pick, as I was inspired to write this poll question after wondering why we don't have decent voice recognition systems yet. (I added all the other options after deciding on that first one.)

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