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Poll Results

Poll 508: If you were wealthy enough not to have to work for a living, would you still work?

Total votes: 3268

Yes, I'd switch to a lower paying but much more satisfying job: 1212 (37.1%)
Yes, I enjoy my work: 565 (17.3%)
No, I'd quit in a second and live a life of leisure!: 518 (15.9%)
I don't work at the moment, but I'd still look for some sort of job: 454 (13.9%)  
Yes, I'd actively use my wealth to generate even more wealth: 251 (7.7%)
No, I don't work currently, and wouldn't bother looking for a job: 234 (7.2%)
I already have enough money to not need to work, and I still work: 20 (0.6%)
I already have enough money to not need to work, and I don't work: 14 (0.4%)

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