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Donations History

Thank you to the following people. If you are on this list and would rather be anonymous, please let me know.

MonthFromReceivedExpense Status
Oct 2003D. Wallace$10.00Paid!
Nov 2003J. Murphy
B. Butler
Dec 2003S. Mclean$10.00Paid!
Jan-Feb 2004S. Koehler$21.00Paid!
Mar 2004P. Sicart
P. Stinson
Apr 2004Z. Rogers$10.00Paid!
May 2004R. Sharpe$10.00Paid!
Jun 2004R. Anstett$16.00Paid!
Jul 2004R. Anstett
T. Thomas
J. O'Halloran
Aug 2004J. O'Halloran
A. Cowell
Sep 2004A. Cowell$16.00Paid!
Oct 2004V. Eijkhout$16.00Paid!
Nov 2004-Mar 2005S. Koehler$80.00Paid!
Apr 2005A. Loken$16.00Paid!
May 2005A. Loken
J. Larue
J. Haugholt
Jun 2005J. Haugholt
R. Maattanen
K. Sabin
Close enough!
Jul 2005K. Mitcham$16.00Paid!
Aug 2005J. Cotter
A. Saunders
A. Glashier
Sep 2005B. Zinn$16.00Paid!
Oct 2005R. Sowden
R. Maattanen
P. Go
Nov 2005J. Mannino$16.00Paid!
Dec 2005Anonymous$16.00Paid!

Historical FAQ (Sept 2003)

Why are you taking donations?
I'm currently using about 8GB of data transfer per month on my web site. That works out to about 4000 comic strip views per day. That's ballooned over the past few months on a friend's data pipeline, supplied by a company that charges US$9 per GB. I'm planning to move to a cheaper dedicated webhost as soon as possible, but I'd like to pay that money back. I'm looking to raise around US$250 or so to do so.

How do we know you're not just scamming us?
Well, you'll have to trust me. I'll post updates on this page so people can see their donations acknowledged publicly (anonymously if you like - let me know). Donations from multiple people will pay for hosting costs in advance.

That all sounds reasonable. How can I donate?
Use this link to PayPal.

Donations Received

M. Marron$10.00
M. Stim$15.00
J. Stevenson$25.00
J. Hendriks$5.00
Z. Rogers$25.00
J. Fessenden$10.00
M. Karlsson$10.00
P. Go$10.00
J. Gasal$10.00
B. Jauvin-Girard$2.00
R. Barr$10.00
D. Bronson$20.00
M. Virks$6.66
R. Temple$5.00
M. West$10.00
J. Stevenson - again! Wow!$25.00
S. McLane$5.00
D. Hallock$20.00
US$250 target reached! Thank you!

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