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Just your average sort of geek. I use my computer to look at web sites, chat on IRC, write roleplaying material, read email, and make webcomics. I also play roleplaying games, watch TV, read books, watch movies, and some other stuff. I collect Lego and model dinosaurs.

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Casts by Theme

Cliffhangers[First | Latest]
Death[First | Latest]
Espionage[First | Latest]
Fantasy[First | Latest]
Harry Potter[First | Latest]
Imperial Rome[First | Latest]
Martians[First | Latest]
Mythbusters[First | Latest]
Nigerian Finance Minister       [First | Latest]
Pirates[First | Latest]
Scientific Revolution[First | Latest]
Shakespeare[First | Latest]
Space[First | Latest]
Star Wars[First | Latest]
Steve and Terry[First | Latest]
Stranger Things[First | Latest]
Supers[First | Latest]
Miscellaneous[First | Latest]
Annotations[First | Latest]


Just how many of the possible theme crossovers have been done so far? This handy table shows the first crossover strip between all possible theme pairings. Since crossovers with the Miscellaneous theme are too vague to define, they don't count. I also don't count appearances of "me" as the GameMaster in what are otherwise gaming themed strips.

  • Number of possible crossovers: 120.
  • Number done so far: 52.
Steve & Terry811
Cliffhangers481  733
Star Wars4314334 18229
Pirates3799171166  434  
Harry Potter104 522  465  465
Nigerian Finance Minister  281    2621017 
Death399189263307419519 392492244406
Shakespeare844 1166762   15001166459497762
Espionage1600          1170 
Imperial Rome786          1139 1178
Mythbusters1286 99317321188  1980  2050921   

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