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Fan Art

Click the thumbnails for full sized versions.

Contributed by Andy Weir, author of Casey and Andy, one of my favourite webcomics.

Produced by myself on the Historic Tale Construction Kit.

From a LEGO comic by Dave Goeb, the Time Cruisters Comic Book. Death of Being Sat On By A Giant Frog appears on pages 7 to 10 of the comic.

Dave Goeb has also produced this standalone piece, titled: I'M GONNA NEED A BIGGER FROG.

Who'd have thought the Official Website of the Government of Nigeria would produce IWC fan art? But this, believe it or not, is an actual screencapture of the site, on the day that strip #506 appeared.

A reaction from Peter Murray to the new pink-skinned Harry Potter characters LEGO has released.

A reader by the perfectly normal name of King Monkey reminds us who to vote for in the US Presidential election.

Brian Hogue sent this comic, showing us part of the incidental fallout from when the fantasy gang burnt down the tavern.

Gavin MacBeath has unearthed a lost work of Leonardo da Vinci. This was clearly a man ahead of his time.

Rebecca Curtis shows us how die Führer deals with a headcold. Er... a braincold.

Jericho Brown gives us this glimpse of what Episode IV would have been like... if it had met Episode I.

Dusan Jeftinija, creator of Legostar Galactica, offers this view of what one of his characters thinks of Irregular Webcomic!

Kenneth Scroggins shows us what would happen if Shakespeare wrote for Clippy.

Leon Smith provides this Legostar Galactica fan-art crossover.

Stickman Arcade posted a strip in which Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs "guest stars".

Roman Wunderlich sent this astronomy/anatomy pun.

ABC News in America ran this story about a guy from Minnesota who has discovered he's Nigerian royalty. Now where have we heard a story like that before?

Den Whitton posted this IWC/Legostar Galactica crossover in his own 3-D rendered comic: Bugs.

This appeared in n00b and Stickman on 2 September, 2005.

Iain Wilson created this ad for IWC for a school English assignment.

Randy Crock made this, using characters from his own LEGO comic, Randomness Inc.

From Web Amused by Joshua Macy.

Glenn Alexander sent this explanation of why Darth Vader never removes his helmet in public.

Peter Murray shows us Death's New Year's resolution for 2006.

Jeremy Farance provides these glimpses at a Death who hasn't seen a lot of work since medieval times.

Insanely Overpowered Fireballs appears as a guest in a couple of strips from Brogo.

Andrew Bird drew this wonderful depiction of the Fantasy gang showing their exceptional roleplaying teamwork.

Andrew Bird gives us another insight into the Fantasy characters, showing their good samaritan work in rescuing Dwalin the dwarf from orcs.

Dr Dave illustrates an awkward moment on the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death.

Nathan Alumbaugh visited a local cemetery and discovered this.

More from Andrew Bird, this time the space guys, and Quercus delivering on his promise to Spanners.

Mart Nixon provides a sneak peak at next summer's hugest blockbuster.

A fan strip from Mart Nixon.

The prolific Mart Nixon previews another exciting movie.

Oscar Gómez provides this wonderful drawing of the Martians invading Ishmael's college dorm room.

Ivo Holzner of (Nach-)Kriegsgeschichten makes an observation on my Calivn & Hobbes T-shirt.

The mysterious "Air of Mystery" supplied this reinterpretation of strip #1026.

Calcipher supplies this useful warning sign, which should be posted prominently wherever you read IWC.

Andrew Bird contributes another fantastic drawing, this time a portrait of Kyros in serious mode.

Dan offers this reworking to demonstrate the rivalry between Insanely Overpowered Fireballs and Choking On A Giant Frog.

This reinterpretation of #1333 mysteriously appeared on Uncyclopedia.

Jemppu Malkki provides this amazing "movie poster" for the Cliffhangers theme, featuring portraits of Colonel Haken and Erwin.

Jeremy Farrance shows us another Death. You have been warned.

More from Andrew Bird, this time in glorious colour.

middlerun gives his interpretation of the Martian invasion by fiat.

Adrián Begoña supplies a comic explaining Maxwell's equations (inspired by #1420) in Spanish! See his original blog post.

The Deaths get a mention in Kristen Moore's Master of Arts thesis on the topic of The Grim Reaper, Working Stiff: The Man, The Myth, The Everyday. The footnote on page 43 reads:

Comparatively, we also see Irregular Webcomic! featuring a number of Grim Reapers who each represent a different form of dying - for example, Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs, Death of Being Wrestled to Death by Steve, and Death of Choking on a Giant Frog. The presence of separate Grim Reapers for these different circumstances of death could be interpreted as a (rather tongue-in-cheek) acknowledgement of the human desire to retain individuality, even into our time of death.

Munchkin Cthulhu by Steve Jackson Games features the Froggoth, a monster that causes you to die of choking on a giant frog. Yes, this is a deliberate reference to Irregular Webcomic! Steve suggested it to me.

Richard make this contribution to Internet memespace.

Mart Nixon provides this awesome hand drawn Allosaurus.

Orjan Westin sent in this "artless fan-art" - a drabble he wrote inspired by IWC:
Vade Retro

Oberführer Schultze was, Professor Worbleham thought, a sour Kraut. But he'd offered him the chance to build his machine, which the idiots at Oxford had refused, so he tried to placate him.

"But the machine works!"

"Nein! You zed you vould bring the artifact der Führer requested. Not a person!"

"The machine can only take living tissue through time," Worbleham said, pointing at the naked and confused Roman soldier beside him in the machine. "But this man was there, at Golgotha."

"Ach, but you promised the lance!"

Worbleham grinned. "No, I kept my word. I brought this peer of Longinus."

Mart Nixon sent this "unfinished comic". Fill in your own captions!

Get your very own motivational Nazi Super Science poster, courtesy of TV Tropes and some judicious editing by a reader who prefers to remain anonymous.

Christina Scamporrino provides this beautiful portrait of Erwin. Also available in giant wallpaper format.

Reasonably Clever posted this as episode 267.

Mart Nixon made ths clever IWC rotational ambigram.

Yash Tulsyan presents a hand-drawn Steve and Terry movie poster.

Yash Tulsyan sends a photo of another one of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs' demotions. His name is "Death Of Being Murdered by a Flight Attendant".

Justin Lowmaster has immortalised me as a Mii avatar, for your Wii.

The Mad Hatter (now there's an appropriate name!) sent in this sketch of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs and Choking On A Giant Frog having a bit of a tiff, with the Head Death looking on, decidedly unimpressed.

Zac Moore contributes this demonstration of why Draak should be supervised at all times.

Middlerun illustrates one of the events of my vacation to the Northern Territory.

Jemppu provides this look at the very early days of the Cliffhangers theme.

Kile Grant took this photos of Steve just hanging out.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde found this personal greeting from the Pope on the Vatican web site.

viq sends this poster from a tram stop in Poland. Apparently the Polish government uses IWC to promote equal opportunity.

Yash Tulsan supplies "what happens when Kyros tries to destroy the orcs chasing Dwalin...Heh heh heh...and Insanely Overpowered Fireballs steps in..."

Yash Tulsan says this is "basically #240 recycled, with more character info".

Rhadamanthis offers this tribute strip, in Dutch. Translation:

Prof. Jones: It's my map!
Monty: I want to carry the map, Dad!
Prof. Jones: Who are they?
Monty: Not Nazis, I hope.
Rhadamanthis: I'm Rhadamanthis your Chief Whip. (speaks to Prof. Jones)
Monty: Chief Whip? But that's English!
Rhadamanthis: Of course we are in Scotland, where did you think we were: in Syria?
Monty: (whispering) Actually I did...
Prof. Jones: (angry) Junior!

Ryan Helms offers this folding in of the Supers and Espionage themes into the "Time Paradox pseudo-shark-jump" of January 2009.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde shows how one of the Mythbusters lost his job working as a customs inspector.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde reinterprets strip #1659 in a different context.

Gustav Frick thought one of the LEGO SpongeBob characters looked like Des from John Allison's Scary Go Round, and made this comic to celebrate.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde presents "a little crossover with Death and Rhadamanthis Enterprises".

Hare Trinity drew the results of this little accident involving Ophelia and Will.

Flavius Julius gives us a taste of what Hermione Granger would look like if she worked for Colonel Haken.

Hare Trinity shows the guys pondering the office dress code.

Dusan Jeftinija of Legostar Galactica presents his rendition of the Fantasy gang.

Aidan Foley provides an alternative explanation to why Stormtroopers are such poor shots, based on strip #119.

Aidan Foley wonders why Monty hates wurst puns so much.

Kevin made this piece of tribute art from LEGO.

Mihai Pomarlan wishes all IWC readers a Merry Eldritch Christmas.

Edgeling drew this fantastic work showing Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs trying to hug Sailor Mars to thank her for blowing herself and the Doom & Gloom Girls in the background up with her Fire Soul power (episode 45 of Sailor Moon).

Stephen Thorne and a friend derived the mass density of the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death, assuming it has the same gravity as Earth. They did it two ways: by integration, and with Gauss's Law! He points out that the gravity does not drop off with distance as with a spherical body. The resulting mass can be achieved if the Plane is a plane of solid lead approximately 2 km thick. (Or solid osmium about 1 km thick.)

Toomas Tursk provides this motivational poster mixing Mazi Science with Soviet Russia!

Felicity Lowe drew this great portrait of Jane Freakin' Goodall. Check it out on her DeviantArt page too.

Martin Nixon sings his original composition: The Irregular Webcomic! Song.

A fan on my Patreon Discord server has recreated the Fantasy gang miniatures! Actually acquiring the old miniature figures I used and painting them following the canonical colour schemes. Wow!

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