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<   Rerun of No. 1466   Originally published 2007-01-31   >

Comic #1466

1 {scene: Gryffindor common room}
1 Ron: {sitting next to Will} I wish we knew what Malfoy was planning. He must be up to something.
2 Hermione: Ron! You have to stop worrying about Malfoy and concentrate on homework. You'll just get into trouble.
3 Hermione: Did you even hear what I said? Are you listening to me?!
4 {scene change: The office}
4 Ophelia: {to Shakespeare, who is busy typing at his desk} Did you even hear what I said? Are you listening to me?!

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I thought I heard something vague in the background when I was making this comic....

Nah... I must have been dreaming.

2016-09-30 Rerun commentary: The cardboard backgrounds provided by LEGO with some of the Harry Potter sets are really quite well done. The light shining in the window behind Hermione looks really good here. In stark contrast to the windowless office cubicle environment in the last panel.

News: Double news!

1a. My Patreon campaign has reached the significant milestone of $700 per month. I set this up as a goal to enable me to reduce my salaried working hours from 10 to 9 days per fortnight, freeing up a full day every 2 weeks to make more comics and do other creative activities. The first immediate effect is a doubling of new Irregular Webcomic! output, from 2 strips to 4 strips a week. I have a business trip last week of September, so this change will take effect from Monday 3 October. Thank you to all the patrons who have enabled this!

1b. To help enable the change to 4 new strips a week and mesh with my time away on the business trip, IWC's new strip schedule will change from Sunday/Thursday to Monday/Thursday for the week 25 Sep-1 Oct, and then to Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri beginning on Monday 3 October. Other days will be reruns with new commentary.

2. My friends and I are running the mezzacotta Puzzle Competition - an online competition with prizes for the best puzzle solving teams (up to 5 people). We release 26 puzzles over a week beginning Monday 10 October, and have just opened the site for team registration. This is similar to the CiSRA Puzzle Competition, which we also ran as part of our jobs from 2007 to 2013, but mezzacotta is a completely private competition. If you enjoy puzzles, please check it out, and mention it to anyone you know who likes puzzles.

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