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<   Rerun of No. 1018   Originally published 2005-11-09   >

Comic #1018

1 {scene: Red Square, Moscow}
1 Haken: {looking at the colourful onion domes and towers} Und what is all this?
1 Erwin: This is Red Square, Herr Kolonel. Die spiritual and ceremonial heart of Russia.
2 Haken: It's all right. But it's not very Gothic, is it?
2 Erwin: I don't think die Russians like Gothic buildings.
3 Haken: {pointing} Und when we are in command, that will be a good place for a bierkeller.
4 Erwin: They're allies, Herr Kolonel...
4 Haken: Give it a few years, Erwin.

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The gorgeous photo of St Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin near Red Square in panels 1 and 2 is copyright by Dmitry Azovstev, who has kindly licensed it for any use under a Creative Commons licence. This means I can use it as long as I give him credit. Not only am I glad to give due credit, but go check out the high resolution version.

The photo in panels 3 and 4 is a copyright-free image from stock.xchng.

2015-01-29 Rerun commentary: There is no entry for bierkeller in the English language Wikipedia, but there is in the German Wikipedia. Without resorting to Google translate, I can make out enough German to say with some confidence that a bierkeller is a cellar for fermenting beer, and keeping it at a constant cool temperature during the process. This means that the particular fermentation process is lagering, which is a specific low temperature process used which produces lager, as opposed to ale.

In less technical use, and as adopted into English, a bierkeller can also refer to an establishment which serves beer, something like a pub.

Either version sounds like a fine addition to Red Square, or pretty much anywhere, really.

News: What's that? Launching one new webcomic in a week isn't enough? Well, have another one!

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