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<   Rerun of No. 773   Originally published 2005-03-09   >

Comic #773

1 Villager: {frightened by the awesome presence of the fire wizard} Take a horse! Take them all! Just don't burn down my stables! Please!
2 Lambert: I'm not going to burn down anything! I'm not a fire wizard!
3 Villager: Whatever you say, Mr Wizard, sir! Here, take my gold too!
4 Lambert: I don't want your gold!
4 Kyros: Whoa... who taught you wizarding?

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2014-04-18 Rerun commentary: Not content with merely splitting my comic into multiple themes with independent storylines, here we have split the Fantasy theme into two separate simultaneous storylines, this one following the exploits of Kyros and Lambert, and the other thread following Alvissa, Mordekai, and Draak.

Of course this is far from the only time the Fantasy gang would be split up. If there's one standard in fantasy gaming storylines, it's that the heroes will be split up at some point.

On another point, this is one of the cool things about being a fire wizard. As long as people think you can burn their stuff, you don't actually need to do any magic.

News: My new webcomic has launched! It's called Planet of Hats and you can read it here.

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