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<   No. 3750   2017-10-20    

Comic #3750

1 Monty: Well, we send another telegram to Miss Thoroughgood.
2 Monty: At least this will give us another couple of days to wait for Sallah to arrive.
3 Prof Jones: I wonder what's taking him so long, anyway?
4 Caption: In Southampton:
4 Rail employee: Great Western Railway apologises for the inconvenience. Honestly, if you want to get to Tintagel, you're better off walking.

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The railway is on strike, of course.

I thought to myself: What very British thing can happen to have delayed Sallah's arrival?

The answer came to me about 30 milliseconds later.

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News: Looking for:
  • Monkey-Sensei, artist of the webcomic Chronicles of Sonya and IWC #1188.
  • Craig Stanton, artist of #3306
  • Eva Wiik, artist of #3364
If you are, or know, any of these people, please contact me by email. (2017-10-17)

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