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<   Rerun of No. 778   Originally published 2005-03-14   >

Comic #778

1 {scene: The group have stopped to talk again in the labyrinth. Haken, Erwin, and the two senior Joneses are discussing the situation through a doorway in the background}
1 Monty: So you're going to betray Haken and Erwin for Mother Russia too, eh?
2 Ginny: Of course. They are but pawns in the grand game of chess on the European continent.
3 Monty: Not going to share the orichalcum with your Nazi pals?
4 Ginny: It's not like it's Poland or something.

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Poll: Given two identical LEGO pieces stuck directly atop one another, which are the hardest to separate?

The opening shots of World War II were fired in September, 1939, when Germany and Russia invaded Poland under a mutual non-aggression pact and the understanding that they would share the occupied Polish territory between them.

2014-04-24 Rerun commentary: For those not familiar with the outcome of that agreement, let's just say that it didn't work out all that well.

Chess is often used as a metaphor for some sort of conflict. One good thing about chess is that it doesn't end up involving millions of people getting slaughtered.


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