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Comic #4040

1 Long Tom: Well, apprentice Bosun Higgs, let’s be seein’ yer nautical skills! Do ye be havin’ experience at tyin’ a sheepshank?
2 Higgs: Nay, but I been tyin’ a lamb shank!
2 Long Tom: A lambshank? I nay be familiar with that knot.
3 Higgs: Be takin’ a lamb shank ’n’ be stewin’ in garlic, chilli, shrimp paste, lemongrass, coriander seeds, galangal, cumin, pepper, ’n’ coconut milk.
4 Long Tom: What?
4 Wendy: Arr! This lad be takin’ the threat o’ scurvy very seriously.

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The problem with homophone puns in a written medium is that you have to hide them by using the other spelling until ready to reveal the pun.

If Higgs had said, "Nay, but I been Thai-in' a lamb shank!" it would make more sense, but give away the joke.

Thai curry lamb shanks, by the way, are awesome. A restaurant near me made them, and oh my goodness they were good. Unfortunately that restaurant closed down a while ago, and I haven't found a Thai place as good yet.

News: I'm in the process of updating older comic files to high resolution images. These load automatically for people with high resolution displays (which includes high-res desktop monitors, retina iPads, iPhones, and the like). Today I converted a batch of 130 comics, from 3901 to 4030, so every comic from 3901 to the latest one should now all have nice new graphics for high-res readers. Over the next week or so I'll extend this back as far as I can, which is comic 3381 (the first comic I made at high resolution, anticipating future printing in a book collection).

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