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<   Rerun of No. 856   Originally published 2005-05-31   >

Comic #856

1 Haken: So, Herr Doktor Jones, we meet again.
2 Haken: {brandishing his hook} And this time die glove is on die other hand!
3 Monty: You must go through a lot of gloves...
4 Erwin: You mean "Die shoe is on die other foot", Herr Kolonel.
4 Haken: Ach! Nazi science sneers at English clichés!

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Have you ever noticed in movies how when some scene takes place at night, and continues on with action, the sunrise always seems to occur spectacularly soon and it's daylight again before you know it? And if you stop to think how much time could actually have passed, it's still only around 3 a.m. and there's no way it could be dawn yet?

I think Hollywood does that to save money, because night scenes are more expensive to shoot. So they save simply by bringing dawn on substantially early.

Well, there are no such budgetary issues here! I spare no expense (none at all!) to bring you night scene after night scene!

Oh, and Erwin - who is left-handed - is here using his off hand because he strained his left hand earlier in the day opening a particularly tight lid on a jar of gherkins.

2014-07-24 Rerun commentary: The official metric unit of "difficult-to-openness" is the erwin (abbreviation Er), named after Erwin here.

The erwin was originally defined in 1879 with reference to a platinum-iridium gherkin jar stored in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris. However, modern jar opening technology superseded the accuracy inherent in the prototype gherkin jar, and so in 1978 the standard was redefined in terms of an idealised gherkin jar in a vacuum.

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