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<   No. 4022   2019-06-25    

Comic #4022

1 Mordekai: Don't you think the Lord of All That Swims in Darkness has better things to do than terrorise people playing a glorified version of I Spy?
2 Lambert: Look, it's my game, I get to make the rules. No invoking demon lords—
2 Mordekai: Dispater.
2 Lambert:or archdevils! Okay?
2 Mordekai: Okay, fine.
3 Lambert: Your turn. D.
4 Mordekai: Demilich.
4 Lambert: Now you're just being perverse.

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News: I was warned about this, but it's now come to pass. Make That Thing/Topatoco, the excellent people who printed and shipped the two Irregular Webcomic! books: Burning Down the Alehouse (the Fantasy book) and Prepare for the Wurst (the Cliffhangers book), have started charging creators a quarterly fee for warehousing of additional copies that remain to be sold. That's fine - it's their space being occupied. But I don't want to lose money on this! The best way to reduce my imminent financial losses is for people to buy the books and clear that warehouse space.

If you enjoy my comics, or you want to introduce a new reader in a friendly, non-demanding, non-"check out this website with 4000 comics on it!" way, please think about purchasing a copy or two! Thanks!

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