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<   Rerun of No. 1117   Originally published 2006-02-16   >

Comic #1117

1 {scene: A farm on the outskirts of Footcrag.}
1 Alvissaa: Hail, friend farmer.
1 Farmer: Hail, fair elf maiden.
2 Alvissa: I was wondering if you would be so kind as to sell me food and horses... er...
3 Alvissa: Do you always wield a pitchfork?
4 Farmer: Aye. You never know when a good angry mob might need forming.

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Alvissa was quite a bit taller than this guy, since I've mounted the fantasy characters on fairly large bases, which the villagers don't have. So I cheated and quickly stuck some coins under him to make him a bit taller. And if you're curious, it's 15 yen.

The pitchfork is a farm utensil, but also the weapon of choice of angry mobs and enraged peasants, as Wikipedia affirms.

2015-05-30 Rerun commentary: The farmer appears to be wearing a rural farming style of Tyrolean hat with a narrow brim. In fact, he looks sort of Bavarian. And given the fact that they are near mountains, and grow apples in this region, it seems likely that this is a Fantasy Bavarian analogue cultural region.

Doesn't explain the yen, though.

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