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I don't want anything for myself, but consider donating to the Jane Goodall Foundation.

Special Strips!


The starship Legacy and the planet Arawne, as shown in strip #1055.
1280×1024 resolution, 417 kB.

The Hall of Dworin, as shown in strip #1455.
1920×1080 resolution, 166 kB.
1600×1200 resolution, 153 kB.
1280×1024 resolution, 139 kB.
1024×768 resolution, 96 kB.

Logos and Banners!

If you want to link to Irregular Webcomic!, you can use images from here to make the link look cool and interesting. Download them and link to them on your own web site, please.

If you have more spare time than you know what to do with and enjoy being geeky with Photoshop, by all means, send me more!

Standard Sized Banners

Jones boys 468×60 pixels, to fit standard banner spots.

Draak hit with club

Standard Sized Link Buttons

IWC Cliffhangers 88×31 pixels, to fit standard button spots. Thanks to David Hughes.

I Like IWC

I LIKE IWC I LIKE IWC Relive that 1956 U.S. Presidential election with retro-nostalgic "I Like IWC" buttons!

A vs B banners!

Cthulhu vs Steve Montana Jones vs Nazis The Empire vs Physics

Graphics by Aquarion

Darth GM I heart IWC Irregular Webcomic. Life, Lego and DX+4

Animated Gifs!

Incredulous Stare by P. D. Magnus

What? by Liz.

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