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<   No. 1290   2006-08-08   >

Comic #1290

1 {scene: a lecture theatre}
1 Me: Dr Goodall, it's an honour to meet you. I do this thing called Irregular Webcomic!...
2 Jane Goodall: {the real Jane Goodall! Really!} Oh yes, I've seen this. I've been hoping for the chance to meet you one day.
2 Me: You have?!
3 Jane Goodall: Yes. Come here, there's something special I want to give you.
3 Me: Yes?
4 [sound]: Smack!! {Jane Goodall chimp-slaps me across the face.}

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Dr Goodall was incredibly patient and gracious when I met her. I printed out a few comic strips beforehand. I planned to show them to her, have enough of a conversation to convince her that I wasn't a raving loony who she needed to call security to come and drag away, and then ask her if she'd pose for a photo pretending to punch me in the face.

I'm sure she gets these sorts of requests all the time, because she didn't skip a beat when she suggested whacking me with a chimp-slap instead.

More planning and effort went into this strip than any other I've made up to now. I'm glad it turned out so well.

And if you were waiting for a reason to donate to the Jane Goodall Institute, what better reason than because Jane Goodall is amazingly cool and is now the only person to appear in Irregular Webcomic! both as a LEGO minifigure and a real person!

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