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<   No. 1599   2007-06-13   >

Comic #1599

1 [off-panel voice]: Despair not, friends, rescue is at hand!
2 Iki Piki: I wonder who that is? The voice seems oddly familiar.
3 Serron: That's not Paris, alive again, is it?
4 Iki Piki: What do you think is less likely: that Paris is alive again, or that if she were, she'd come to rescue us?
4 Serron: Mmm, tough one.

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I originally took the photo for panel 1 thinking it would be nice to have the edge of the holding cell on the right so I can make the off-panel voice come from the right of screen. But in the four-panel format I use, a voice bubble with arrow pointing "off-panel" to the right of the first panel gets confused with the second panel. So I had to do the voice coming from the left. I considered reflecting the image briefly, but that would just cause more problems that it solves.

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