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<   No. 1668   2007-08-21   >

Comic #1668

1 Kyros: Let's settle this with a vote. Those in favour of going back into the Secret Dwarven Passage to find Alvissa?
1 Draak: Draak.
1 Lambert: Aye.
2 Kyros: In favour of pushing ahead with the quest?
2 Dwalin: Aye! {translation: Aye!}
2 Mordekai: Aye.
3 Kyros: That leaves me with the deciding vote. Hmmm.
4 Kyros: This Swamp of Terror is probably full of pockets of highly volatile marsh gas, right?
4 Lambert: Errr...

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Interestingly, as of writing this annotation, the Wikipedia page on marsh gas redirects to methane, but the page on methane doesn't make any reference at all to marsh gas except as an alternative name. So there's no explanation of why it's called marsh gas, how it's generated in marshes, or its properties and behaviour in marshes. Which is a shame because it skips over the whole connection to Will-o'-the-wisps and all the strangeness that flows on from that, which is much cooler to think about for a fantasy setting than carbon tetrahydride.

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