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<   No. 1690   2007-09-12   >

Comic #1690

1 Lambert: Back into the tunnels. Well, at least we have light again, thanks to Kyros. {the party re-enters the secret dwarven passage, led by Kyros, who lights the way with his glowing magical orb}
2 Mordekai: {looking around in the gloom} Is there a reason none of us have a lantern?
3 Kyros: I've got a couple.
3 Mordekai: You?! What use is that?
4 Kyros: "Let the wizard carry them! We need our hands free to fight!" they said. "And he has the least encumbrance!" they said.

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There's so much to learn about Photoshop. I recently figured out how to record and use actions, which has made a lot of my tasks easier. I've now created an action that automatically produces the glowing orb effect seen here, so I can now do it in about 3 seconds, rather than the manual procedure that took a couple of minutes.

And for those not savvy with Dungeons & Dragons, encumbrance is a game term which describes how much stuff a person is carrying. Having a high encumbrance is bad, since it slows you down, making it harder to run away from nasty monsters.

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