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<   No. 1829   2008-01-29   >

Comic #1829

1 Monty: {walking along a corridor} As soon as we get out of the Vatican we'll head to Paris...
1 Prof. Jones: Look out! The Pope!
2 Minnesota Jones: Buongiorno, Sua Santità.
2 [subtitle]: Good morning, Your Holiness.
3 Pope Pius XI: Ah, gli addetti alle pulizie. La biblioteca è pulita?
3 [subtitle]: Ah, the cleaners. Is the Library clean?
4 Minnesota Jones: Come non l'ha mai vista prima...
4 [subtitle]: It's like you've never seen it before...
4 Pope Pius XI: Molto bene!
4 [subtitle]: Very good!

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This marvellous Lego Pope was custom built by a reader, Bob Toomy, and very generously donated to me. He makes his own Lego comics, one of which is Supe Kitchen, which also features this exact same Pope figure in an early story.

I've also gone back and retconned this Pope into comic #1639, where previously I had a rather boring generic old man.

2018-09-15 Rerun commentary: The Pope is wearing a mitre. Another possible choice would have been a camauro, which probably could have been well approximated by a LEGO Santa hat.

I'm pleased to say that my ongoing attempts to teach myself Italian mean I can read[1] the Italian dialogue here without needing the English subtitles.

[1] And understand, you pedants.

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