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<   No. 3138   2011-08-30   >

Comic #3138

1 Shakespeare: So if we're in a different timeline, how do we get home?
2 Mercutio: In this version of history, the Nazis win the war. If we can prevent that, the timestreams will reconverge and we should all return to our original time.
3 Shakespeare: Our original time? All of us?
3 Mercutio: Yes!
4 Winston Churchill: Shakespeare, where are you? You're a bloody genius! That speech was magnificent! I've never heard of anyone with such a command of the English language!

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The real Shakespeare (in our timeline) had an astounding influence on the English language. There seems to be some sort of general agreement on the Internet that he invented around 1700 new words. At least, they are words which appear in his writing that don't seem to be found anywhere in earlier written works.

For the most part, they appear to be things like turning nouns or adjectives into verbs, or adding prefixes or suffixes to modify the meanings of words in ways that will sound understandable, if not familiar, to listeners' ears. After all, there's no point inventing a word if nobody can understand it. That's the real trick.

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