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<   No. 3606   2017-02-10   >

Comic #3606

1 Prof. Jones: Barrow wights?
2 Monty: Yes, as in the Grettis Saga. William Morris translated the Norse word "draugr" as "barrow wight".
3 Monty: It refers to a dead body animated by its own malevolent spirit, bound to guard its burial treasure.
4 Minnesota Jones: Treasure? Sounds good.
4 Monty: Did you not hear the words "dead body animated" and "malevolent spirit"?

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A draugr is, as Monty alludes to, an undead creature from Norse mythology. One of the best known draugr in classical Norse myth is one known by the name of Glámr, from the late 13th century Icelandic Gretiss Saga.

If you like cool and unusual plural forms, "draugr" is a really good word to know, as the plural is "draugar".

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