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<   No. 3720   2017-08-29   >

Comic #3720

1 Prof. Jones: You'll never guess what happened during the night!
2 Minnesota Jones: Correct, because you're about to tell us.
3 Prof. Jones: I sat in the chair we found, and it's the Siege Perilous, and Merlin appeared and we had a chat!
4 Monty: Merlin?!
4 Minnesota Jones: Darn, that was number two on my list of highly likely possibilities.

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Have you noticed when people say "You'll never guess...", that it's usually something that's virtually impossible to guess? So really there's no point in guessing at all, because it's just a waste of time.

According to Google, the top few completions of "You'll never guess..." are:

And the next top few for each question word are:

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