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Poll Results

Poll 70: If Monty Jones had a sister, what would her name be?

Total votes: 1840

Susan: 308 (16.7%)
Wyoming: 232 (12.6%)
Missouri: 211 (11.5%)
Winnipeg: 209 (11.4%)
Saskatchewan: 182 (9.9%)  
South Dakota: 160 (8.7%)
Alberta: 153 (8.3%)
Helena: 140 (7.6%)
Columbia: 113 (6.1%)
Ponderosa: 75 (4.1%)
Yellowstone: 39 (2.1%)
Billings: 18 (1.0%)

A couple of people suggested Virginia, and I got a vote each for Delaware and New York. My own logic is that if the generations of Joneses go from east to west, siblings must run north and south, so the most obvious choice (staying within the USA) is Wyoming. Although it seems Susan is more popular. I'm surprised Helena didn't get more votes, being an actual female name, and the capital of Montana.

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