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Poll Results

Poll 125: What's scariest?

Total votes: 2069

No Internet: 786 (38.0%)
Environmental catastrophe: 206 (10.0%)
Creepy, crawly things: 198 (9.6%)
Heights: 168 (8.1%)
Driving in New York City: 145 (7.0%)
Public speaking: 145 (7.0%)
Dental appointments: 140 (6.8%)
Death: 128 (6.2%)
Running out of marshmallows: 102 (4.9%)  
Terrorism: 51 (2.5%)

Interesting. Yet another scientific survey determines that more people are afraid of public speaking than of death.

Also, it seems that governments should not be spending our taxes waging war on terrorism. Exactly twice as many people think that money would be better spent waging war on lack of marshmallows.

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