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Poll Results

Poll 197: What do you think of the International Astronomical Union's proposal for the definition of "planet"? (FAQ here)

Total votes: 2253

More planets! Whee!: 373 (16.6%)
Pluto should have been demoted to a Kuiper Belt Object ages ago: 347 (15.4%)  
A sensible and well-thought-out proposal: 321 (14.2%)
Who the hell cares? I mean seriously...: 307 (13.6%)
In my day there were 9 planets and that's good enough for me: 189 (8.4%)
I don't care as long as we get to keep the name Xena!: 172 (7.6%)
What the? Ceres for crying out loud?: 140 (6.2%)
Pluto has to be a planet, so I guess we have to accept the others: 106 (4.7%)
The proposal is stupid, they're opening the floodgates: 104 (4.6%)
What the? Pluto and Charon a double planet?: 93 (4.1%)
All I want to know is how will it affect my horoscope?: 64 (2.8%)
Who do these IAU boffins think they are anyway?: 37 (1.6%)

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