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Poll Results

Poll 205: Person most likely to have been a time traveller?

Total votes: 2638

Leonardo da Vinci: 1062 (40.3%)
Jesus Christ: 328 (12.4%)
Albert Einstein: 261 (9.9%)
Comte de Saint-Germain: 204 (7.7%)
Benjamin Franklin: 182 (6.9%)
Gautama Buddha: 163 (6.2%)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: 144 (5.5%)  
Galileo Galilei: 74 (2.8%)
Isaac Newton: 60 (2.3%)
Aristotle: 58 (2.2%)
Charles Darwin: 51 (1.9%)
Thomas Jefferson: 30 (1.1%)
Muhammad: 21 (0.8%)

Clearly I missed a lot of good possibilities here. That's what I get for not having a new poll question ready and writing one in a panic 5 minutes before posting a new poll. For the record, people also suggested Nostradamus, Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and John Titor, among others.

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