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Poll Results

Poll 412: How often do you get up before sunrise?

Total votes: 2110

Very rarely: 463 (21.9%)
Every workday, and sometimes other days: 339 (16.1%)  
Sunrise? What's that?: 326 (15.5%)
Every now and then: 281 (13.3%)
Every workday: 221 (10.5%)
3 or 4 times a week: 149 (7.1%)
Once or twice a week: 132 (6.3%)
Every day: 101 (4.8%)
A few times a month: 98 (4.6%)

Clearly I shouldn't update poll questions just before I go to bed because I haven't changed the poll for too long. I left out such an obvious option that this poll generated probably more e-mails than any other poll question within the first 12 hours. I received about 40 messages from people pointing out that the time of sunrise changes so much where they live throughout the year that they basically get up before sunrise in the winter and after sunrise in the summer.

So to cover up this embarrassing oversight, I'm changing the poll again within 24 hours of posting it. :-)

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