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<   No. 1725   2007-10-17   >

Comic #1725

1 {scene: The Secret Dwarven Passage below the Orcrift Mountains. The gloom is lit by Kyros' orb.}
1 Mordekai: How are we going to find Alvissa?
1 Draak: Draak smell elf.
1 Mordekai: Oh, what do they smell like?
2 Draak: Like scent of warm sun on still pool in woods near lots blooms of spring.
3 Draak: Like soft fall of leaf on bed of pine where moss grow in cool shade of tree.
4 Draak: Like buzz of bee full of...
4 Mordekai: Okay, okay! We get the picture.
4 Draak: You should try bath too.

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I only added Draak's last line at the last second as I was putting the finishing touches on this strip. I originally thought it was funny enough just with Draak describing how lovely elves smell in poetic terms, and Mordekai getting sick of it. But then I realised it could use a bit more punch.

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