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Comic #2004

1 Lambert: Lockpicks?
1 Mordekai: Confiscated.
1 Lambert: Bribe the guard?
1 Alvissa: Our money, too.
2 Lambert: Knock spell?
2 Kyros: I'm a fire wizard!
2 Lambert: Did they mysteriously leave it unlocked?
2 Draak: No.
3 Lambert: Digging?
3 Dwalin: If ye've got a few millennia.
3 Lambert: So there's no way out?
3 Mordekai: Looks like.
4 Lambert: Pfft. What kind of fantasy prison cell is this?

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Having grown up with this knowledge, it's not actually clear to me that it's clear to anyone who hasn't grown up with it* that Knock is a Dungeons & Dragons spell used to open locked doors. It's a reasonably sensible name, and you could probably work out from context that that's what it's supposed to do. But it's hard for me to judge how obvious that is to anyone who didn't already know it.

* I'm wantonly proud of this particularly convoluted bit of grammar.

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