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<   No. 248   2003-09-30   >

Comic #248

1 [sound]: {Charity Collector Guy knocking} Knock! Knock!
2 Steve: G'day. Who are you collecting or this time, mate?
2 Charity Collector Guy: AAAAAAAAAA.
3 Steve: Strewth! I already gave to them.
4 Charity Collector Guy: {waving his arms} No, I mean AAAAAAAAAA! A croc's got hold of my leg! {moving back to reveal a saltie biting him}
4 Steve: Crikey!

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Thanks to Glen Barnett for suggesting this sequel to strip #245.

2012-08-14 Rerun commentary: That reflection off the bottom of the Charity Collector Guy's cap peak in the third panel baffled me for a second there when I was relooking at this strip just now. It almost looks like Steve has four eyes.

The inside of Steve's home here is the hilly grey baseplate underside that I use for many other backgrounds. But later Steve's home would change to having more normal, untextured walls inside.

The crocodile LEGO pieces are really cool. Interestingly, the upper jaw of the crocodile also serves, in red, as the tongue of a LEGO Tyrannosaurus rex model.

Imagine a Tyrannosaurus with a crocodile jaw inside its mouth. Giger's aliens have nothing on that!

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