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<   No. 3415   2015-08-23   >

Comic #3415

1 Terry: The main suspect in bee colony collapse is the Varroa destructor mite.
2 Terry: It's a tiny mite that parasitises the bees and spreads easily inside hives.
3 Terry: How on Earth are you going to combat a microscopic mite on equal terms?
4 Steve: Crikey! I'll have to use me brain!

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Varroa destructor is real world mite, with one of the coolest species names ever. It's a shame that it's such a nasty piece of work, and kills off honey bees.

I reckon an even cooler species name would by Tyrannosaurus destructor. (I bet they would kill off bees even faster.)

Oh, the Varroa mites are not strictly speaking "microscopic". Adults are about a millimetre across, so quite visible to the unaided human eye.

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