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<   No. 693   2004-12-19   >

Comic #693

1 Paris: {walking through the electronic landscape of cyberspace} So, I'm assuming that, once again, we are stuck here in virtual reality until we get this upgrade done?
1 Spanners: Naturally.
2 Paris: What happens if the install fails?
2 Spanners: We revert to backups off memory cube.
3 Paris: No, I meant what happens to our bodies in realspace?
4 Spanners: Yeah, our lives get taken over by clone backups downloaded from our memory records.

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2014-01-15 Rerun commentary: I mentioned memory cubes back when writing the original annotation for strip #404* Throughout the Space theme strips, I maintained consistency with this. Whenever they talk about computer memory they always talk about memory cubes, not discs. (It's only mentioned twice after this strip, but it's always cubes. The word "disc" never appears at all in the Space theme dialogue.)

Coincidentally, the day I am writing this rerun annotation is a day on which I had to restore some files to my work computer from the overnight backups, since I accidentally erased some things which I needed to keep. I've had to do this maybe three times in nearly 10 years at this job, and today just happened to be one of those days. Spooky.

* Not found.**

** Ha. Never mind, nerd joke.

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