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<   No. 934   2005-08-17   >

Comic #934

1 Charity Collector Guy: I think they have a legitimate grievance. We need to respect all belief systems.
3 Wendy: I be thinkin' a handsome Reaper such as yeself might be lettin' a poor pirate wench go...

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2014-10-23 Rerun commentary: Sometimes the thought of what might happen in an afterlife can be amusing or interesting. It all depends on what sort of afterlife people go to. There are so many different belief systems about what any particular afterlife is like, that most of them have to be wrong.

I can just imagine a whole bunch of newly dead people lined up before a Grim Reaper sitting at a desk, thinking, "This wasn't what I signed up for when I was born."

This is all assuming that there is one "true" sort of afterlife which everyone ends up going to. Another possibility, raised by various thinkers and writers, is that everyone ends up in whatever afterlife they believe in. So Christians go to Heaven, Buddhists are reincarnated to a new earthly body, Vikings end up in Valhalla, and so on.

If you think that is sensible and solves the problem, then I'll see you from my own personal afterlife of endless lazy summer days touring around Europe and sampling the local ice creams and gelati!

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