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<   No. 1143   2006-03-14   >

Comic #1143

1 {scene: The forest outside Footcrag. The party have stopped running, having evaded the angry mod of villagers.}
1 Alvissa: At least we didn't leave an entirely bad impression on that town.
2 Alvissa: The farmer left me supplies and ran off before I could pay, so I left a hundred nobles at his door.
3 Mordekai: At that farm we passed on the way out?
3 Alvissa: Yes, why?
4 Mordekai: Oh, no reason. You guys go on ahead... I'll catch up.

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Over on the LiveJournal feed for IWC, a reader made the following comment on #1124:

So [the farmer] just takes off to the mob without ever collecting her money? Well, if it were anyone else in the party, they'd just see it as a windfall, but I'm sure Alvissa will try and estimate a fair price on her own, and leave an appropriate amount for Farmer Jakob to find when he returns. Which he will be more than satisfied with.
As you now know, that's very close to what has actually transpired. My response was:
Wow, you almost got the future plot right. There's one important bit you're forgetting though....
To which said reader replied:
Plot? I'm just stating character attributes! The only action I described I didn't expect to rate anything more than a footnote next episode.
I thought that was rather insightful. Of course Alvissa left money for the farmer - it's part of her nature. And of course the bit this reader got wrong was that the farmer would be more than satisfied with the money Alvissa left for him. Despite his accurate knowledge of Alvissa, he completely forgot about Mordekai...
2015-07-06 Rerun commentary: Draak is having some sort of conversation with Kyros in the background. I often show a couple of otherwise non-involved characters interacting in the background like this. Clearly there are some conversations which occur in the group that we don't get to see.

Or rather, we do get to see them, we just don't get to hear them.

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