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<   Rerun of No. 2346   Originally published 2009-06-29   >

Comic #2346

1 Lambert: It's the Balrog! It's on fire!
1 Kyros: Ah, that would explain it.
2 Kyros: Stand back! I'm going to use its own fire to cast a huge fireball!
3 Lambert: You can't fight fire with fire!
4 Kyros: Of course you can fight fire with fire. You can fight everything with fire!

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The punchline is a slight variant of the flavour text on the Magic: the Gathering card Sizzle. It was just so appropriate that I had to use it at some point.

2022-08-09 Rerun commentary: Fire is really the best element. Just compare:

  • Air. Ooh, scary.
  • Earth. What's it going to do? Sit there in a big lump?
  • Water. Okay, waves are pretty badass, but you're not going to find them anywhere that isn't right next to an ocean.

And don't get started on those newfangled "elements". Gold is shiny but too soft to use for anything. Iron? One word: rust. Lead might slowly poison you, but that's a million times slower than good old fire.

News: I am taking a break from making new comics, to recharge and get some other things done. I'm planning a 4-week break, with new comics returning on 15 August, but that may possibly change slightly. Enjoy the reruns while I'm resting!

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