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Irregular Podcast!

These podcasts were made many years ago, and we haven't done any for a long time. They are preserved here so you can download and listen to them.

2019 update: I have re-exported some of the original Audacity projects at a higher bit rate for improved sound quality. These are podcasts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19. Unfortunately the others had missing source files, so could not be re-exported successfully. If you have old copies of these podcast files, you might like to download the new versions.


Podcast #1 sucks. Really. If you want to start listening to them all, start with #5. If you listen to #1 first, you probably won't want to listen to any more, it's that bad. Truly. They get better after that (they could hardly get any worse), but even that promise won't be enough to convince you to risk it after you hear #1. Seriously. Do not listen to #1 first.

You have been warned.

Podcast Policy

  • Content is PG-rated. No swearing. No adult themes.
  • Podcasts will be less than 10 minutes in length. (Yeah, okay, I broke this with #5.) (And #17.) about 10 minutes in length.
  • One take is enough.

Individual Episodes

Datemp3 audio fileTitleTimeSizeTranscript and programme notes
2007-01-05   Irregular Podcast! #1What on Earth am I going to do in a podcast?5:256.5 MBTranscript
2007-01-16Irregular Podcast! #2Surprise studio interview guest.6:22     7.7 MBTranscript
2007-01-26Irregular Podcast! #3Experimental Subject No. 12.9:0410.9 MBTranscript
2007-02-10Irregular Podcast! #4Decorating the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death.9:1811.2 MBTranscript
2007-02-22Irregular Podcast! #5They said it couldn't be done.   10:2912.6 MBTranscript
2007-03-08Irregular Podcast! #6The Dagger of the Hobbit Lords.7:258.9 MBTranscript
2007-03-26Irregular Podcast! #7There was movement at the station.5:121.19 MBTranscript
2007-04-19Irregular Podcast! #8Extended bonus DVD director's cut.9:182.13 MBTranscript
2007-05-21Irregular Podcast! #9Holiday special: The secret is out.8:522.03 MBTranscript
2007-06-16Irregular Podcast! #10   A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...9:592.29 MBTranscript
2007-07-20Irregular Podcast! #11World Cup Burling Final9:592.29 MBTranscript
2007-08-05Irregular Podcast! #12Will it really blend?9:592.28 MBTranscript
2007-09-22Irregular Podcast! #13The Complete Works of Western Literature7:349.1 MBTranscript
2007-10-21Irregular Podcast! #14Arlington Wolfe, Cross-Time Detective9:5311.9 MBTranscript
2007-12-15Irregular Podcast! #15The Eclectic Podcast Orchestra8:3510.3 MBTranscript
2007-12-24Irregular Podcast! #16Cthulhu Is Coming To Town1:171.19 MBTranscript
2008-04-01Irregular Podcast! #17Arlington Wolfe II: Parachronic Boogaloo11:5814.4 MBTranscript
2008-04-25Irregular Podcast! #18Arlington Wolfe III: The Search for Sarah12:565.92 MBTranscript
2008-07-01Irregular Podcast! #19Competitive Synchronised Dressage13:0815.8 MBTranscript
2009-07-14Irregular Podcast! #20Darths & Droids Pledge of Allegiance0:430.84 MBTranscript
2009-08-12Irregular Podcast! #21Summon Bigger Fish!2:433.20 MBTranscript
2012-03-23Irregular Podcast! #22Buzz Buzz1:101.33 MBTranscript

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