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<   No. 1297   2006-08-15   >

Comic #1297

1 Me: {drawing on a whiteboard} This will be so cool. The first ever webcomic drawn on a whiteboard!
2 Me inside the comic I'm drawing: This isn't going to be stupidly recursive and self-referential, is it?
3 Me: Shut up. I'm doing the funny stuff here.
3 Me inside the comic the me inside the comic is drawing inside the comic I'm drawing: You tell him!
4 Me: {struggling with the whiteboard printer} If only the bloody printer would work...
4 Me inside the comic I'm drawing: Take a photo, you idiot!

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Leaping out a recursion level from #1295...

When my friends arrived for our lunchtime board game session and saw what I'd drawn on the whiteboard, one of them suggested I actually photograph it, rather than print it out. From there, it was just a short step with our feverish brains to this.

"Now," I hear you saying, "it would be nice if this was at higher resolution, so I could actually read the text written on the whiteboard. Or perhaps even print it out at 300dpi and stick it on a whiteboard somewhere."

Why yes, it would be, wouldn't it?

I've been amazed by a large amount of feedback from readers saying things like, "What? How can a whiteboard print??" Well, I don't know exactly, they're electronic and have scanny bits and stuff in them, and they're as common as the wall-space to put them on in my office. I thought everyone knew such things existed. Clearly not. But now you can all say you've seen one!
2016-02-06 Rerun commentary: Okay, now I have to explain why we did have a camera handy to take these photos, after my rerun explanation for #1295 that it was 2006 and nobody had phone-cameras in their pockets all the time.

I work for Canon. We kind of have cameras lying around the office. I believe these photos were actually taken with a digital SLR.

Oh, and since this comic was made we've moved to a new office building. The new whiteboards we have don't print any more - instead they scan whatever's on them and save it directly to an image file on the office network. And yes, they're still the old-fashioned tactile sort with pens that write with actual ink on an actual surface, not the newfangled so-called "smart" whiteboards. We tried some of those, and they all sucked - too laggy and intermittently responsive for proper science/engineering type whiteboarding.

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