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<   No. 1503   2007-03-09   >

Comic #1503

1 {scene: The Legacy engine room}
1 Spanners: Well Quercus, with the others out of the ship, we can do that engine overhaul I've been meaning to do.
2 Spanners: We need to replace the tripolar neutronic phase coils, the flux wavelet holodamper conduits, the heisenfram intermix regulator,...
3 Spanners: ... the harmonic singularity theta matrix, and the superconducting baryon plasma relay capaciplexitator.
4 Quercus: What with?
4 Spanners: Parts with more realistic names, for one.

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I think this is the first time we've seen the engine room of the Legacy.

Technobabble is the mutilation of complicated sounding technology jargon into dialogue or narrative that sounds impressive to the uninitiated, but patently absurd to those educated in the fields that the material is supposed to be about. The most egregious use of technobabble has been termed Treknobabble, for reasons that any science fiction fan will find obvious.

2016-12-24 Rerun commentary: Even in Star Trek, the term "heisenfram" is so obviously fake that it was used as a fake technology in-universe. Now that's pretty fake.

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