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<   No. 1577   2007-05-22   >

Comic #1577

1 {scene: the pitch black tunnel}
1 Gollum: My precioussss...
1 [sound]: Thunk!
1 Dwalin: Och! Ma heed! {translation: Ow! My head!}
2 Dwalin: Luik where ye're swingin' that cloob, ye reptilian clod! {translation: Look where you're swinging that club, you reptilian clod!}
2 Gollum: Gollum! Gollum!
3 Draak: Dwarf not knock out by Draak club?
3 Alvissa: Dwarves have... hale constitutions, Draak.
4 Dwalin: And thuck skoolls! {translation: And thick skulls!}
4 Alvissa: I was trying to be tactful.
4 Dwalin: We've nowt tae be ashamed of, ye frail-booned elf! {translation: We've nothing to be ashamed of, you frail-boned elf!}
4 Lambert: My ring!!

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Wow, the text area can get complicated with nothing happening in the panels themselves.

2017-06-11 Rerun commentary: Dwarves are not known for being tactful.

I searched for anything on whether or not Gollum can see in the dark, and found this fascinating study from Wired, which is plenty to read and digest, so I won't say any more here.

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