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<   No. 1599   2007-06-13   >

Comic #1599

1 [off-panel voice]: Despair not, friends, rescue is at hand!
2 Iki Piki: I wonder who that is? The voice seems oddly familiar.
3 Serron: That's not Paris, alive again, is it?
4 Iki Piki: What do you think is less likely: that Paris is alive again, or that if she were, she'd come to rescue us?
4 Serron: Mmm, tough one.

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I originally took the photo for panel 1 thinking it would be nice to have the edge of the holding cell on the right so I can make the off-panel voice come from the right of screen. But in the four-panel format I use, a voice bubble with arrow pointing "off-panel" to the right of the first panel gets confused with the second panel. So I had to do the voice coming from the left. I considered reflecting the image briefly, but that would just cause more problems that it solves.

2017-08-02 Rerun commentary: On the other hand, it could work if these two ever encounter evil mirror universe versions of themselves, to have them be reflected.

But what are the odds of Serron and Iki Piki ever encountering evil mirror universe versions of themselves?

Did you know that people with goatees encounter good mirror universe versions of themselves?

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