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<   No. 1635   2007-07-19   >

Comic #1635

1 Iki Piki: A point of nomenclature...
1 Iki Piki 2: Yes?
2 Iki Piki: You called me "past Iki Piki". I'm actually the present Iki Piki, and you're the future Iki Piki.
3 Iki Piki 2: No, no, no. I'm the present Iki Piki. You're the past.
4 Serron 2: Do we have to go through this again?!
4 Iki Piki 2: It's the first time for them!
4 Serron: Do we have to go through it once?

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This sort of thing happens all the time when you travel through time. Of course, we are travelling through time, at the rate of one day every day.

Have you ever thought about your future self as a different person? Not just as yourself, or even a slightly changed version of yourself, but as an actual different, separate person?

Think about what you were like 10 years ago, or 20 years ago (if you're old enough), or even 30 years ago. Think about how different you are now. Sure, in many ways you're the same, but concentrate on the differences. What do you know now that you had no idea about then? How have your attitudes changed? What do you do differently now?

Would the person you were back then recognise the person you are now (assuming the physical resemblance didn't give it away, that is)? Would your past self get along with you? What things might you argue about?

Now consider yourself 10 or 20 years from now. You're not going to be the same person you are now.

Sometimes I think of my future self in the third person. And sometimes when I do things I don't like, but which I know will benefit me in the future, I like to think of that as giving a gift to the person who is "my future self". I don't see any benefit right now, but that guy will.

I'm pretty lazy. Given the choice between exercise or sitting in front of a TV or computer, I'll go for the latter. But I make sure I do some exercise fairly regularly, because I know the future me will be the healthier for it. This is a gift to that guy. I hope he appreciates it.

P.S. To the guy who has exercised regularly for the past few years, yes, I appreciate it. Thanks.

2017-10-25 Rerun commentary: That is some clever image capture in the first panel, where present Iki Piki is slightly out of focus because he's closer to the camera than future Iki Piki is. Despite it being two separate photos that were later composited into one image.

Somewhere along the line, one of Iki Piki's head tentacles got broken off, by some rough movement of the miniatures box in which I store these figures. It would have been good if the present one had the tentacle and the future one didn't. Not that you could probably tell from these photos.

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